We provide an easy and stepwise approach to the process of building software solutions tailored to the cloud with the web as our key focus. Our three step approach from initial concept to development and final implementation, results in speaking to the needs of our clients and the requirements of the web.


Beginning with an alignment to the client, the design phase of our three process approach enables us to freely communicate and establish unique needs and requirements for each project.


During the development phase, the process continues with mock ups and staging sites to better understand the needs and functional prototyping of the desired solution. Everything from initial setup, to configuration, development, and finally to customer approval and QA ensures that all basic requirements are met with room to grow.


One of the final stages in the process, hosting configuration, allows for your site to live on the internet with 100% ownership in the event of needing to seek hosting elsewhere. You own the product, together, we decide where it persists.